Coolant Systems

We bring forth premium quality Coolant Systems in the national as well as international markets. Our Roll Coolant System is used for removing floating and suspended chips from the coolant. These coolant systems develop part quality by improving the quality of the coolant. They make the life of coolant prolonged as our coolant systems are easy to handle and maintain. The high end working parts of the coolant systems make them very endurable and long lasting as well. Additionally, we are reckoned as one of the chief Conveyor Coolant System Manufacturers and Suppliers from India.

Coolant Systems With Chip Conveyor : Effectively seperates chips & Fines from Coolant.

UPTV's new chip conveyor cum coolant system offers the machine tools industry a highly effective method for the difficult tank seperating chips lines & turnings from flowing coolant. It employes a new & unique concept that incorporates a drag conveyor coolant systems.


  • Removes floating & suspended chips
  • Improves part quality by improving coolant quality
  • Prolongs coolant life
  • Continues trouble free operation

How it Works
The dirty tank coolant inlet is the first agree to receive chips, turnings, fines & coolant from the machine tool. There large cips settle at the bottom where they are removed by a drag conveyor. All Coolant flow through a series of filters, there is a SS 304 strainer, scraped, capture smaller chips & lighter weight chips away by a scraping plate, the separate coolant exists thought the incident of the filter to a clean Coolant exit.

Model No. Number of Baskets Basket Bags Straining Filtering Nominal Flow Rate In/ Outlet Size
16-30 2 8.8 775 LPM 2",3",4"
18-30 3 13.2 1120 LPM 2",3",4"
22-30 4 17.6 1550 LPM 2",3",4",6"1
24-30 6 26.4 2325 LPM 2",3",4",6"
30-30 8 35.2 3100 LPM 2",3",4",6",8"
36-36 12 52.8 4650 LPM 2",3",4",6",8",10"
42-42 17 74.8 6587 LPM 2",3",4",6",8",10",12"
48-48 23 101.2 8912 LPM 2",3",4",6",8",10",12"


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