Bag Filters

The company have been engaged in production and supply of superior quality Bag Filtersin the international markets. The available Dust Bag Filters are accessible in various ranges like Simplex Bag Filter, Duplex Bag Filter ,Multi Bag Filters. These dust and Liquid Bag Filters are used for the purification with porous cloth or felt bags through which the dust-laden gases are pumped leavening the dust on the inner surfaces of the bags. Besides, we are identified as one of the major Suppliers of Polypropylene Simplex Bag Filter in the market.

UPTV Bag Filters
UPTV bag filters are useful for filtration of liquids for the separation of suspended particles up to 1 micron. Depending on the flow rates, contamination level, operating temperature, operating pressure and type of liquid we recommend you the most suitable bag or strainer filters.

Advantages over the other filters

  • The dirt carrying capacity is nearly 5 times that of cartridge filters due to very large filtration area.
  • Cleaning / replacement of filter bags is very simple and consume less time, hence less down time.
  • Cost of bags is far less than the respective cartridges and hence an attractive cost effective solution.
  • Storage of bags is easy since they can be folded flat.
  • Can be used up to 220 deg C. depending upon corrosiveness of the fluid.
  • The stage filtration is possible in a single housing.
  • High Viscous fluids up to 6000 Cp can be filtered in our filters.
Ordering Information
  • Flow rate
  • Contamination Level
  • Micron rating required
  • Operating Temperature
  • Operating Pressure
  • Nature of Fluid
  • Viscosity
  • Inlet / Outlet connection
  • MOC of the Housing
  • Process Continuous / Batch

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